3D effect wall covering can be created by DIY technique from real oak 

Wallwood3D - Duplex
Wallwood3D - Duplex


These square and rectangular shapes with their different thickness can be applied in so many variant even on wall, furniture, metal and glass surfaces.

Wallwood3D - Quadrat
Wallwood3D - Quadrat


Thanks to their same size but different thickness the application's of this product is very simple, meanwhile the result is a modern and unique covering.

Wallwood3D - Linear
Wallwood3D - Linear


Linear's equal rectangles in their three different thicknesses provide a unique surface any point of your home. 

It is recommended for indoor use on any dry, non-wetting, dust-free surface, directly on walls, wallpaper, wood, metal or even glass as a decoration or to renew the entire surface.

The different thicknesses of the elements, which can be used in different patterns, give the surface a unique look. These products are a very good opportunity fot everyone, who would like to create a special atmosphere their home.

Content of the box:

The box contains 1.92 m2 of unfinished material made of oak wood + the required adhesive for installation.

Installation: must be left 1 cm dilatation gap at the joining surfaces.  For the Linear type, the surface should not exceed 3 m, for the Quadrat and Duplex types, a maximum surface of 3x3 m is recommended without a dilatation gap.

For the surface treatment of the elements we recommend Saicos Color Waxes.